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About London

From tailoring vests to crafting last-minute butterfly wings, London is excited to do it all! Their favorite things to do in the shop are dress-making, patterning, embroidery, and (of course) achieving a satisfyingly straight stitch. 

London's favorite works include tailoring for Kate Baldwin in Karate Kid the Musical at STAGES Saint Louis, their London Made clothing brand, stitching for Pride and Prejudice at the Repertory Theatre of Saint Louis, and their tailored cavalry coat.

Always trying to learn more about anything costume construction, London is eager for any new challenge. There is something to be learned from every project and garment; that is what keeps costuming fun & interesting! Although, during the times London isn't working on a project, they are most certainly playing Dungeons & Dragons or pampering their cat, Ringo. (Contact for Ringo photos).


BFA in Costume Construction with an emphasis in Costume Design from the Sargent Conservatory of Theatre Arts

Awards and Recognition

- The Edward Chase Garvey Memorial Endowed Scholarship from the Sargent Conservatory of Fine Arts

- Technical Theatre Scholarship from the Des Moines Performing Arts Center (2018)

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